Puok Burger Store

In 2016, this little take-away restaurant opened up in Vomero, one of the most typical district in the city. Puok Burger Store is the perfect option to get a little break for lunch or dinner while sightseeing the city. The youngster Egidio Cerrone has been reviewing thousands of Neapolitan burger restaurants in his blog called ‘Le Avventure Culinarie di Puok e Med’ for years. As a consequence, he decided to open up his own store and then he launched the viral hashtag #pausachiatta (in English #fattybreak). There is a wide range of super-filled sandwiches to suit all tastes.

The variety of strong-tasting ingredients includes fried meatballs, eggplant parmigiana, Prussian scottona meat hamburger, caramel red onion marinated in cider vinegar, crisp bacon. However, the flagship products are: ‘Mammà’, characterized by a basil-flavoured provola cheese fondue; ‘Django’, which stands out for a delicious barbecue dressing diluted with ketchup and tabasco sauce; ‘Evergreen’, with the Puok sauce (mayonnaise melted with honey mustard).


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