Penny Black Pub

Penny Black is a typical and cozy English pub which is furnished according to the Victorian style, with little sofas and low lights. The atmosphere is so warm that you will feel like home. You will benefit from handmade products, high-quality cured meat and cheese, select meat and the possibility to taste unique menus and combinations of food that will make you really believe to be in a pub in London. Among its three locations, we recommend you visit the one called ‘Laboratorio’ which is located in via G. Gigante. There you can taste gourmet products which are gluten, lactose, polyphosphate, glutamate and chemical flavouring-free.

Since the beer is top product of this pub, you will find numerous varieties such as the English, the Dutch, the German, the Belgian and the Irish ones. You can have this drink, which is treated with kid gloves, during your dinner or for a simple aperitif. In particular, try the keg beer since, thanks to the new methods, it contains very little gas and has an incomparable taste. Finally, there is an odd habit: in the evening, if you hear the bells playing, raise a toast to your neighbour!


Via Enrico Alvino, 134 B
Via Giacinto Gigante, 35
Via Partenope, 9

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