Delicious local products

Our facility offers a daily wide range of typical Neapolitan patisserie and bakery. Every morning our guests will have the possibility to taste local delicacies prepared by local pastry shops. All these products will make your breakfast unforgettable. There is the further possibility to use a toaster, in case you need it.

Personalized menus are also available (vegan, vegetaria, gluten free) with an extra of 5€ per person per day.

Neapolitan bakery

You will fall in love with the amazing taste of the ‘babà‘, the incredible sweetness of our ‘sfogliatella‘, the creamy texture of the ‘delizia al limone’ and the simplicity of the ‘caprese‘.

Every bite will taste like Naples. Finally, Chez Anna will delight you with typical seasonal Neapolitan sweets.

And to drink?

Have you ever thought about tasting the famous Neapolitan coffee?

This tradition dates back to over 200 years and at Chez Anna you can choose among four different coffee flavours, as well as many types of teas. 

Don’t forget to take a fresh orange juice!